Vatnsdalur - Vatnsdalshólar.

A few pictures from a hike and horse-ridding in the Vatnsdalur (vatn=water; dalur=valley), about 20mn drive from Blonduos. The place is full of waterfalls all the way along.

Man made construction to help salmons go upstream.

Peculiar cluster of hills stretching across the mouth of the Vatnsdalur valley. They are thought to have been formed by the debris of a tremendous landslide from Vatnsdalsfjall. Covering about 4 km2, they are supposedly uncountable. Other geographical features in Iceland considered to be uncountable are the islands of Breiðafjörður and the lakes on Arnarvatnsheiði moor.

Legend has it that two giants were trying to separate the West Fjords from the rest of Iceland. One was shovelling on one side and what he threw away created Vatnsdalshólar while the shoveling of the other giant created the Breiðafjörður islands.

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Daniel said...

Comme c'est beau !! et c'est bien de te voir de temps en temps....

Que de souvenirs tu vas emporter avec toi ...

Continue de profiter de ce séjour inoubliable.