Bosnia - Croatia October 2008

Stari Most (Old Bridge) in the city of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the bridge that crosses the river Neretva and connects the two parts of the city. Destroyed during the war in 1993, the bridge was rebuilt in 2004 under the aegide of UNESCO and is now listed as a World Heritage Site.

On summer days, you can see crowds of tourists gathering around the bridge waiting for what is a tradition for the young men of the town : leaping from the bridge into the Neretva. An impressive feat as the bridge is 24m high!

Pomegranates are the symbol of Mostar. The fruit illustrates numerous copper or bronze carvings sold around the Old Bridge. The photo was taken from a hill overlooking the city where an abandoned house was overtaken by nature.

Mljet island, Croatia.
Mljet is one of the thousands Croatian islands along the coast of the Adriatic sea. A couple of hours away from Dubrovnik, the island has a superb national parks. Fig trees feed its various inhabitants.

Zagreb, 12 Oct 2008
This is not a psychedelic bar but perfume bottles in a commercial center in Zagreb. You choose your fragrance and just fill up your own small bottle.

Zagreb, 12 Oct 2008, Saint Francis Church. On a communion day, the Church was very busy and church goers were pressing themselves to light candles. They all kept a very high pace until this old Dame spent some moments in silence.

Zagreb. Tomb of Franjo Tudjman at the Mirogoj cemetery.
He was the first president of Coatia from 1990-99 and remains a controversial figure .

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