The Clinic - Glasgow International

The Clinic 
Friday 8 April – Monday 25 April 
Private view: Saturday 9 April 6-9pm 

The Clinic is a multi-sensory and interactive exhibition exploring pseudo-sciences and the diverse ideas that surround them. 

Often derided as inconsequential and self-indulgent, psychoanalysis has been an intriguing resource for artists, art critics and historians throughout the twentieth century. There are many other forms of pseudo-sciences or alternative therapies that investigate the interconnection between the body, mind, and psyche, such as meditation, reflexology, light therapy, hypnotherapy, etc. 

Using these alternative treatments in a playful and engaging manner, the artists behind the Clinic have created a dynamic space that draws in participants to situations and immersive environments. Visitors will be welcomed by staff in a waiting room, where they can 'relax' and take a refreshment in anticipation of their ‘therapy’. They will be then invited to explore the exhibition, unknowingly stepping into an on-going performance questioning their idea of perception, reality and fantasy.

During their journey, visitors will encounter meditative and restorative installations such as reflexology beds, hypnotic films with repetitive patterns that are echoed in sculptural works and multi sensory tactile installations. 

Participating artists are Nadège Druzkowski, Jenny Lewis, Philippe Murphy, Alys Owen and Beth Shapeero. They all graduated from the Mlitt in Fine Art Practice from The Glasgow School of Art (2012) and have a recorded history of staging shows together in Scotland and abroad. Artists from 

The Clinic will take part in ‘The Dust of Everyday Life’, a one-day symposium on the arts and mental health programmed by the Mental Health Foundation on 20 April at the CCA (Centre for Contemporary Arts). 

The show is supported by the Mental Health Foundation and Clyde Gateway. 

Exhibition details: 

The Clinic @ The Albus 100 Brook Street, Glasgow, G40 3AP 
Rail: Bridgeton (2mn walk) - The Venue is situated behind the petrol station on London Road.

Opening hours are: Friday 8 April – Monday 25 April 
Mon – Sat, 11am – 6pm 
Sun, 12pm – 6pm 

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