Waves - Summerhall

A short video by Curators Iga Bozyk and Patrycja Godulaga introducing the show Waves at the Summerhall, Edinburgh where I exhibit a few paintings.

The exhibition showcases Polish artists and artists of Polish ancestry at different stages of their artistic practice working with various media — photography, written word, painting, installation, collage and film.

Waves are a metaphor for constant movement and influx of Polish talent to the British shores. It is connected with, but not exclusive to, the latest wave of migration that started in 2004 when Poland joined the EU. Over the centuries the UK has experienced an inflow of distinct skill, expertise, creativity and innovation from this Central European country, which has greatly contributed to the British art and culture.

Whether inherited through blood bonds or freshly from the Fatherland the most vibrant, new wave of contemporary Polish talent is being showcased in this PCAO exhibition in the hope of making waves in the Western art world.

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