Photos Either Side of the Line

A selection of pictures of Either Side of the Line, a show at the South Side studios in Glasgow that happened last April-May. I presented a selection of wood engravings and laser-cut prints.

This exhibition draws together four Glasgow-based artists – Nadège Druzkowski, Jitka Perinova, and Dominic Snyder and Penny Chivas – each at different stages in their artistic careers and with disparate yet complementary practices. This compilation of work, which straddles the lines between sculpture and painting, drawing, choreography and dance, pushes the boundaries of what contemporary sculpture is today as two-dimensional and three-dimensional forms, moving bodies and objects are interwoven in a series of works.

Together the three pieces create a mobile portrait that rips lines from the canvas (Perinova), blurs the roles of artist and muse (Snyder and Chivas), and through shadow and linear forms (Druzkowski) creates a series of sculptural motifs that are both robust and fugitive and as such sit on either side of the line between abstract images and the sculptural object.

Nadege Druzkowski’s piece takes inspiration from organic shapes and uses drawing, the simplest form of mark-making, to carve through wood and paper, thus transforming two-dimensional work into multi-facetted elements. Working with glass and acrylic paint, Jitka Perinova’s work recreates and reconstitutes narratives from her paintings in three-dimensional space. A live performance by Dominic Synder and Penny Chivas explores the role of the visual artist as both a performer and a live documenter, and the performer as a visual artist - blurring the boundaries between documentation, performance and dance.

The show was curated by Bo Handley and Nina Enemark. 

Branching, laser-cut print, 21x21cm

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