Skagaströnd - May and June

From May on you can feel that summer is getting closer even in the North of Iceland. Days become longer and longer and twilight happens around 11 or 12pm! I look forward to the longest day of the year on June 21st. This extra amount of daylight fills you up with extra energy that keeps you going.

Lots of birds start nesting in Skagaströnd in May. You can see flocks of Eider ducks, oyster catchers and artic sterns and tons of others. Already in June enlarged duck families can be observed swimming around. The colours change dramatically too: fields are covered in white, yellow, purple... Thousands of flowers grow out of the earth from one day to the other giving a new touch to the landscape.

Guarding Skagaströng, the Spákonufell Mountain goes through a complete redressing too. After white snowy garments, yellow was the dominant colour during the snow melting. It now stands in June cloaked in Lupine purple and moss green and every day you can see greener patches covering up the mountain always higher.

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