Myvatn - Krafla

Below are a few pictures taken during a two-day trip in the Myvatn area.

Myvatn means Midge Lake and is among the largest lakes in Iceland. Many islands, islets, pseudocraters, plant and bird life are found in and around the lake. And of course midges in the summer, hence the name.

The surrounding area is superb with interesting lavafields, geothermal heat in caves and canyons and steep mountains in the background. Among interesting features are Hverfjall, a roundish crater of 1,300m diameter and said to be one of the largest such craters in the world and Dimmuborgir (means Dark crags). It is a magnificent lava landscape with strange formations, columns, caves and arches.

A bit further can be found the Krafla mountain. Considerable geothermal heat comes from the west side of Krafla with fumaroles and hot springs. Also beautiful is the explosion crater called Viti ("Hell"), 300m in diameter and with turquoise water at the bottom.

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