Installation Work, Freezer Gallery, Skagastrond

This piece is inspired by Icelandic geology, which is largely composed of volcanic material. This material has come from a number of local volcanoes, many of which are still active today. The cliché of 'Ice and Fire' is somewhat true to Iceland's visitor. 

Lava fields alternate with snowy patches, which are particularly striking at spring time when the snow starts melting. My intention with this sculpture was to convey a sense of the harshness of the lava fields combined with the softness of the snow. Paradoxically, snow can become the most ruthless element while the coarse nature of the lava fields is often softened by the moss growth that appears in the spring. 

I used nautical rope and local wool to create this piece. The rope evokes the harshness of the nets used for catching the fish and the hardship involved in working at sea while the wool that covers the rope brings some softness to it. This work embodies for me the male and female character with the conic shapes and crater on top, which are both intertwined and makes one with nature. I found the unison between man and nature particularly striking in Northern Iceland where weather conditions dictate the way humans survive while the food supplies provided by the land and sea are utilised to their utmost. Its umbilic (or tail-like shape!) confers upon it a life-like characteristic and humorous touch.

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Daniel said...

Fantastic !!!

Ton explication est vraiment très éclairante sur la signification de ton oeuvre.
Quelle imagination fertile, et quel talent.