Sunday, March 22nd

On Sunday I headed to Akureyri,  Iceland's capital of the north. With a population of over 17,000, the town is the second biggest city of the country. Akuyeyri has wonderful coffee shops, art galleries and museums, bookshops but most of all a swimming pool!

Warmed by the geothermal energy, I enjoyed swimming in the open air when it was  -1° outside with nonetheless the sun shining. And you can dip in hot pots, the hottest pot at 43° (6 more degrees than the body temperature) slowly removing all weight sensation from your body. 

Akuyeri is surrounded by snowy peaked mountains and water. Apparently whales stayed the whole summer in the fjord surrounding the city. A few locals were passing time fishing on this Sunday afternoon. 

To add to the charm of the city, all red traffic lights are red shaped! Something to do with the city supporting a health cause.

Construction of a new concert house - Made out of stone and glass


On the way back, our small group stopped at Glaumbear where you can see farm buildings from the 19th century made out of turf. The place looks like it been taken straight out of fairy tale. People here must have enjoyed a happy life as Glaumbear means joyful farm (glaum is joy in Icelandic and baer = farm). 

Back and front of turf houses 

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